Emergency Management


Warnings are issued in Altus in the following manner.
  1. NOAA Weather Radio with Specific Area Messaging Encoder is alarmed by the National Weather Service to give AUTOMATIC audible and, for the hearing impaired, a visual alert.
  2. Sirens around the City will sound as activated by Emergency Management or 911 personnel. There is no all-clear signal. If the Citizen hears a siren and is outside, the Citizen should quickly move inside. If the Citizen hears the siren and is inside, the Citizen should not go outside.
  3. Cable Television Override provides an audible message to subscribers of Cable Television.
  4. Residents with a mobile phone or paging service with email capabilities are encouraged to subscribe to services such as the Altus Alert Program and keep their contact information current.
  5. Citizens are encouraged to listen to local radio stations and area television stations for updates on local storm conditions. A portable, battery-powered a.m. radio, FM radio, or television is a must-have for the personal disaster kit.

Warnings Versus Watches

Warnings are issued when time is short. Watches are issued for hours at a time. Clicking the Weather link on the Emergency Management Website will give the Citizen both the current conditions and any watches or warnings in place for the area.

Personal Disaster Kit

After preparing a plan using Ready.gov as a guide, the Citizen should put personal disaster supplies in a kit. The Calendar on the Emergency Management website gives the Citizen a systematic approach to building this kit.

As always, your emergency management department, including a cadre of dedicated volunteers, stands ready to assist the Citizens with answers to questions about mitigation, response, recovery, and preparedness for disasters, both man-made and natural.

Jackson County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Hazard Mitigation Plan 2021-2026 (PDF) [DRAFT]
This is only a draft. Please contact Wayne Cain (580-481-2260) if you have any issues or questions.