Mission Statement

The Finance Department’s mission is to build public trust by ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of the City of Altus with excellence, integrity and professionalism. We protect the City’s assets by planning, accounting for, monitoring, and expending public funds with sound financial management. We are committed to serving our customers, both internal and external, in a timely, courteous, accurate and concise manner while ensuring compliance with Federal, State and local laws and regulations.


The Finance Department is the central manager of the City’s assets and is responsible for all aspects of accounting, budgeting, purchasing, accounts payable and payroll. We control and record the City’s financial activity by reviewing and monitoring all financial activity against the City’s financial plan (budget). The Finance Department coordinates compilation of annual financial statements and schedules for the audit and public information. We direct the competitive bidding process, record all capital assets for the City. We track and manage all grants, MAPS projects and our TIF district as well as administering the City’s debt.


  • Control and recording of all the City’s financial activity
  • Preparation and monitoring of the Altus’ financial plan (budget)
  • Coordination of the annual financial audit
  • Preparation of interim (or unaudited) financial reports
  • Payments to vendors and employees
  • Procurement management
  • Capital asset tracking and management
  • Coordination of insurance on City assets
  • Grant and project monitoring and reporting
  • Record and administer all debt
  • Ensure compliance with all Federal, State and local laws and regulations

Digital Budget Book for FY 2024 Adopted Budget
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View Our New Interactive Digital Budget Book for FY 2024 Annual Budget

Audit Reports

View archived audit reports for the City of Altus.

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