Sanitation Truck and Building
The Sanitation Department, located at 320 West Pecan, currently has one commercial side loader truck route and four residential side loader truck routes. The rules for disposal of trash and garbage are outlined in the City of Altus Code of Ordinances 25-1 through 25-81, Solid Waste, located here.
These ordinances govern what can be put in the dumpsters and alleys as well as how it must be done to maintain the general sanitation and health of the city.


Garbage includes household waste such as waste paper, plastic packaging and cans, food scraps and other loose items. These are the items you place in your dumpster. Trash or bulk trash includes large bulky items such as yard waste and furniture or other items that don’t fit in the dumpster. Your dumpster or container is for disposing of regular household garbage only. These dumpsters are emptied once a week by the City of Altus Sanitation Department. Putting items that belong in the dumpster on the ground is considered littering.


The City of Altus Sanitation Department encourages citizens to recycle when possible. If any of the items you have are still in good condition and something that someone else may be able to make use of, donate it. There are organizations in town, such as Salvation Army and Goodwill, which would be glad to have these usable items and may be able to pick them up and your donation may be tax deductible. Another option would be to offer the item on Facebook or Swap Shop. What you view as trash, someone else may find to be a treasure.