Municipal Court

The City of Altus Municipal Court is the Judicial Branch of City government and is created and authorized by Oklahoma State constitution and statutes, and city ordinance as a Court Not of Record. The Municipal Court serves the citizens of Altus through the processing of misdemeanor violations.

Duties as required by State law include record-keeping, accounting and reporting to State agencies, receipt and disbursement of monies tendered for fines, bonds, court costs and related fees. As the law dictates, the dispositions of traffic offenses are reported to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, as are requests for suspension of driving privileges for failure to comply with terms of citations. 

Citation Information

A citation, also referred to as ticket, is a legal document charging an individual with a violation of a municipal ordinance.  Once a citation is issued, the individual receiving it is required to take certain action. 

An individual has the right to enter a plea of not guilty, nolo contendere, or guilty.  A plea of not guilty means an individual does not believe they committed the violation in which they are accused.  To enter a plea of not guilty, you must appear before the Judge. You will then be required to post a bond and a new trial court date and time will be set. A plea of nolo contendere means not contesting the violation and results in a finding of guilt.  This plea is often referred to as a no contest plea.  A plea of guilty means admitting guilt and paying the established fine, the state required fees and court costs. Both nolo contendere pleas and guilty pleas will require you to pay your fine at that time.
By failing to either appear or to pay your citation, a warrant shall be issued, as will a new charge of Failure to Appear. This will result in additional fines/costs being assessed.

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