Altus Wards

Altus is divided into four (4) municipal government representative districts called "Wards".

As specified in the Altus City Charter:
The council, by ordinance, shall divide the city into four (4) wards and may change the wards and ward boundaries to correct for inequities in population. However, such a review of boundaries shall occur within two (2) years following the national census certification, or following annexation or de-annexation of land. The wards shall be as nearly equal in population as practicable, and shall be numbered from one to four.

Altus City Council voted unanimously in July 2022 to amend all wards to reflect population changes as reported in the 2020 US Census

The Altus population has declined since 2010.

The 2010 US Census reported Altus as having a population of 19,813.  The 2020 US Census reported 18,729 for a net loss of 1084 residents.

With assistance from the Oklahoma Center for Spatial Analysis at OU,  ward boundaries were adjusted to reach the target population of 4682 persons per ward in order to comply with City Charter requirements.

Ward maps can be viewed and downloaded in the following 2 formats.

Altus 2020 Ward Boundary Map (PDF)Altus 2020 Ward Boundary Map (PNG)

You can also visit the Altus City Clerk's office to view or obtain a paper copy of the official ward map.